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Our Services-POSTNATAL - Intro

Also known as the Fourth Trimester the postpartum time is a very vulnerable time in the life of a woman. It is also known as puerperium. This lasts until six weeks after birth. During this time the body of a woman undergoes many changes, which are not always easy to handle. Some examples are breastfeeding, uterus returning to its normal size, and maybe wounds, which have to heal. Adding to that, the birth has to be processed at the psychological level. We shall discuss this time with you in advance so that you can prepare yourself as well as your family. Mainly during our birth education classes we will give you useful knowledge about the postnatal time.

Jeevalaya Birthing Home offers a wide range of services to the mothers birthing here. These include:

  • Lactation Consultation
  • Post Partem Pelvic Floor Classes
  • Massages for Mummy and Baby
  • Traditional Post partem Belly Binding
  • Indian traditional herbal baths with medicinal properties for birth healing and recovery
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Baby Wearing
  • Kangaroo Care

Our Services-POSTNATAL - Lactation Consultation

Breastfeeding has many advantages for both mother and baby. First of all, it creates and strengthens the bond between them. Then it provides the best food a baby can get. Mother milk strengthens the immune system of the baby and always has the perfect temperature and ingredients.

In the beginning breastfeeding can be a challenge for new mothers. Our midwives and staff will support you immediately after birth especially during the first days. You will also get important information in our birth preparation classes in order to be prepared and have the best possible start in lactation.

Overall, you will learn to trust your instincts, in itself an empowering process.

Our Services-POSTNATAL - Postpartum Pelvic Floor Classes

Many women want to come back into shape again soon after delivering their baby. From a gynecologist point of view it is indispensable to give the body enough time for healing and recovering from pregnancy and birth. As explained earlier, the first six weeks are only there for bonding with your new baby. Within this time, you can already start with little exercises strengthening your pelvic floor. But to really understand what the pelvic floor is, and how we can strengthen this little but most important part of our body, you should come to one of our pelvic floor classes. There we provide you with many practical tools not only to re-educate your abdomen and pelvic floor but also to help you adopt a pelvic floor-friendly lifestyle with long-term positive effects.

Our Services-POSTNATAL - Massages for Mummy and Baby

We offer massages during pregnancy for the mother and during postpartum for mother and baby. Massages are a wonderful way to feel good and strengthen the connection to your baby. They release important hormones, which are essential for a harmonious pregnancy. Additionally, they stimulate blood circulation, relieve tension in muscles and increase overall well-being. Scientific research also shows that massages can relieve anxiety and stress hormones during pregnancy and postpartum.

For your baby, gentle massages have many benefits for body and well-being. Benefits can be healthy digestion, better sleep and increasing of hormone levels e.g. oxytocin. Oxytocin, also named the ‘love or cuddle hormone’ is released through touching the naked skin. It has an overall positive effect on bonding with the parents and lowering stress hormones.

At Jeevalaya Birthing Home we offer both Western gentle massages as well as traditional massages therapy with the Ayurveda balms recommended by your Vaidyan.