Jeevalaya Birthing Home

There are two specialties for childbirth – midwifery and obstetrics. Midwifery is for healthy, low-risk pregnancies, normal births, and continued care in the postpartum period. Most healthy pregnancies have better outcomes with midwifery care as the main philosophy is that giving birth is an inbuilt body mechanism, complex and multilayered, yet completely normal. Obstetricians are doctors who are trained in attending to births, which need medical attention. In some cases, the midwife works in conjunction with other specialties - obstetricians, especially in cases of high-responsibility (oftentimes called ‘high-risk’) pregnancies, births and postpartum.

You can contact us by using the form here. We will call you back within 48h. Alternately, you can call us at +91 6380150513.

The sooner in pregnancy you get in touch with us the better we can together prepare for your desired birth outcome.

In general, yes, this is called VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section). We offer that at Jeevalaya Birthing Home. A midwifery-led birth can only be provided to healthy pregnancies, so a VBAC will always be a case-by-case decision.
The choice is entirely yours! Whether it's your loving husband, a supportive doula, your nurturing mother, a comforting sister, or your dearest best friend, surround yourself with one or two cherished individuals who will bring you warmth and security during this precious moment.