Jeevalaya Birthing Home

Women’s bodies are designed for giving birth naturally and are capable of doing so! At Jeevalaya Birthing Home, we follow the midwifery model of care, leading to a natural birth.

Natural birth

At Jeevalaya, our dedicated birth team provides continuous support, employing effective techniques and monitoring vital indicators to ensure the well-being of both mother and baby. Emphasizing the significance of ‘the Golden Hour’ post-birth, we prioritize keeping you and your baby together, allowing for undisturbed bonding, unless medically indicated. During this crucial time, our team assists with the first breastfeeding. We highly regard the mother’s desires, offering flexibility in the course of action, and encourage active parental involvement in decision-making, guided by our experienced midwives.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Yes! It is possible to pursue a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) with a high success rate, even after having a previous cesarean surgery. At Jeevalaya, we equip you with comprehensive information to facilitate an informed decision-making process, fostering confidence and trust in your body as labor commences. Notably, opting for VBAC eliminates the need for abdominal surgery, reducing the risks of hysterectomy and abdominal organ injuries. The associated advantages include a shorter postnatal recovery period, lower infection risk, and decreased blood loss. Importantly, embracing natural birth in this context is emotionally empowering.

Water birth

At Jeevalaya, we offer the choice of water birth, allowing you to labor in water during the first and second stages or deliver your baby in water. This enhances coping mechanisms for labor pain, promoting higher oxytocin levels, reducing stress hormones, and stimulating endorphin production for pain relief. Water births facilitate freer movement and diverse positions while protecting the perineum. Baby can experience a smoother transition from amniotic fluids into the water, helping him or her feel secure post-birth. We prioritize hygiene and meticulous water treatment to ensure a safe water birth experience.