Jeevalaya Birthing Home

Welcome to Jeevalaya Birthing Home, your sanctuary for comprehensive care throughout the remarkable journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Nestled in the serene foothills near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, our center is dedicated to providing professional and holistic support for you, your baby, and your partner. We firmly believe that birthing should transcend routine procedures, recognizing the unique qualities of each mother and baby. For this reason, we prioritize personalized, low to no intervention experiences, fostering trust and empowerment in mothers.
Research supports that expectant mothers under midwife-led continuity models of care often experience lower stress pregnancies and less complicated births. At Jeevalaya, your primary care provider will be a skilled midwife – a certified professional specializing in natural, mother and baby-led births. Experience the warmth of Jeevalaya—where your journey into parenthood is met with compassion and unwavering support.
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It is our privilege to stand by you as your steadfast partner through this incredible journey of parenthood.

Before Birth

With the Midwifery Model of Care as our basis, we aim to build a deep understanding of your unique needs during your pregnancy.

During Birth

Women’s bodies are designed for giving birth naturally and are capable of doing so! At Jeevalaya Birthing Home, we follow the midwifery model of care, leading to a natural birth.

After Birth

Also known as the fourth trimester, the postpartum time is a vulnerable period for a mother.