Jeevalaya Birthing Home

With the Midwifery Model of Care as our basis, we aim to build a deep understanding of your unique needs during your pregnancy. This personalized approach will allow us to identify any potential precautions that may require adjustments, to ensure the most suitable birthing setting for you.

Prenatal care

During your prenatal visits at Jeevalaya, our midwives will closely monitor your baby’s growth and essential health indicators, ensuring the well-being of both you and your baby, on an as-needed basis. We prioritize addressing all your questions and concerns, placing special emphasis on discussing your emotional well-being and preferences for your pregnancy and birth. Together, we will craft a personalized birth plan that aligns with your thoughts and desires.

Birth Preparation Classes

Our Birth Preparation classes are a key part of the services we offer, and the benefits received from these are indispensable. The experiences we have gained demonstrate that mothers-to-be, who have participated in our classes, are more confident and relaxed, resulting in desired birthing outcomes. Our classes are available in English and Tamil, both on campus and online.

What to expect from these classes:

  • Interactive sessions that will deepen your knowledge about pregnancy and the different stages of birthing.
  • Input on how you can mentally, physically and practically prepare for your birth and postpartum time
  • Useful lessons on coping during the different stages of labour and birth
  • Tips on how your partner can be involved during birth, and the roles he can play
  • Assistance with breastfeeding for a well-prepared and successful start in lactation
  • Body awareness for trauma survivors
  • Heart-to-heart conversations with other couples travelling on the same stretch of life’s journey