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Our Services- PRENATAL CARE - Childbirthing Classes

Understanding the importance and benefits of our Birth Preparation classes is a key part of the services we offer. In fact, these classes are a must if you consider birthing at JBH. They are packed with interactive sessions, discussions, and lots of important information. We shall deepen your knowledge about pregnancy and what you can do to prepare mentally, physically, and practically. We’ll explain all you should know about labour, how labour starts, how your body starts to prepare, the stages of birth, and birth positions. You will understand when you will need to come to the Birthing Center, we’ll share useful lessons for coping with contractions and the key role of breathing techniques.

A natural birth is a mother-and-baby-led vaginal delivery. In certain cases, interventions are needed. We’ll explain when and why, including the eventuality of Caesarean surgery. We’ll address any doubts or fears you may have, and how your partner can be involved during natural birth and the roles he can play. We’ll share with you valuable lessons learned in breast-feeding after the birth and how to care for your baby.

Our experiences show that mothers-to-be, who have participated in our classes, are more confident and relaxed, resulting in desired birthing outcomes. Our classes are available in English and Tamil, both on campus and online.


Our Services- Birth - Intro

At Jeevalaya Birthing Home we follow the midwifery model of care, leading to a natural birth. We believe that women’s bodies are designed for giving birth naturally and are capable of doing so! Reviews suggest that women who received midwife-led continuity models of care were less likely to experience intervention and more likely to be satisfied with their pregnancy and the birth of their child. Medical intervention, which means the use of anesthetic medications and interventions like episiotomies or c-section, can be minimized.

Natural Birth

When you come to JBH for birthing, your birth team will guide you and along with your Partner encourage you through the whole process, sharing valuable experiences and techniques. The role of the father is important since he can be a great source of support and empowerment.

Through the entire process the midwife will check your baby’s heart beat and other key indications and metrics to ensure that you both are fine and coping well with contractions.

When birth has taken place, it is elementary for us to keep you and your baby together. The first hour after birth, known as ‘the Golden Hour’, creates and strengthens the bonding between you and your child. That’s why we wouldn’t disturb you unless medically indicated. During that time your baby will have its first breastfeeding and we will assist you in that if needed.

The mother’s wishes are respected in case of a change of course of action, and parents can make decisions during the entire process with the guidance of the midwives.